No tournament, no deal: Jaarbeurs Utrecht is bringing their own video analyst

On June 15, the Trade Fair Cities Football Tournament will take place again. This year’s host is NürnbergMesse in Germany. The Association of the German Trade Fair Industry AUMA is sponsoring the cup. We present all the teams in loose succession. Today: Team Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Netherlands. Swen de Bree and Arthur Levert answer Sylvia Kanitz´s questions.

How many of you are there?

This year we will travel to Nuremberg with 30 colleagues. More than 15 players will show their skills. The other Jaarbeurs “Ultras” will support the team verbally at the top of their lungs. The proud Utrecht (party) warriors will do everything they can to positively influence and defeat the opponents on and off the field.

How did you find each other?

Last year’s organizing team set up a grandiose recruitment campaign, in which various internal influencers stood up. With beautiful images and stories from past editions, the registrations soon came in. This recruitment tsumami has ensured that a large number of us will come to Nuremberg.

Is this your first time at the Trade Fair Cities Football Tournament?

Nooo. 😊 Jaarbeurs Utrecht has been participating in the tournament for many years.
Swen will make his first appearance as a coach and will make his debut within the team of Jaarbeurs Fanatics. Swen expects a lot from the tournament and will demand the maximum from his team, both on and off the field.

For Arthur, this will be his 8th edition and his contract will be renewed every year without a doubt. Arthur has been going to the tournaments since 2014 and expects to make it to at least the 10th edition. Without this special tournament, Arthur might have looked for another job. This has also been discussed with management. Some tournament veterans include the football weekend in the annual contract negotiations. No tournament, no deal.

Arthur Levert and Swen de Bree, Team Jaarbeurs Utrecht, on the preparations

Can you reveal your tactics?

Yes. All the balls are our secret weapons. Otherwise, we will get close to the goal quickly enough from the wings. Our way of pressing will scare many opponents and we expect to present attractive football.

By bringing our own video analyst, we will assess the opponent per match and we will come onto the field with a well-prepared plan.

How do you travel?

As a team, we will travel by (party) train based on the idea of sustainability, whereby we will foresee some challenges whether we will arrive collectively in Nuremberg given our experiences with German public transport.

What’s your rallying cry?

FIGO which is short for ‘Falen Is Geen Optie’ and translates to Failure is not an option.

Trade Fair Cities Football Tournament in Utrecht, 2023

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